lavender lemonade bath salts (really big)


lavender was always a scent to me • not a flavour • but one day i tried a glass of nice cold lavender lemonade & everything changed

this is the really big version • for people who like a lot of baths

sea salt & epsom salts relax & detoxify • dendritic salts for smooth pouring • kaolin clay cleanses & softens skin • & essential oils to make your bath smell really effing good

(if that’s just too damn much • the smaller one’s this way)

handmade • natural • crap free • guaranteed

• sea salt, epsom salt, & dendritic salt • kaolin clay • lavender, lemon, & grapefruit essential oils • vitamin e oil • yellow ochre • lavender buds


• 2 cups • 16 oz • 472 mL


Oh, and tell your friend at the vagabond cat that the lavender lemonade bath salts are the bombdiggity.

— Alex


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