long day fighting bruise & muscle rub (big bottle)


whether you’re fighting to win a tournament versus armed opponents • or fighting to get your best friend’s couch into their third-floor walkup • at the end of the day you’re gonna want a bottle of this

there’s a whole pile of make-muscles-happy ingredients • rosemary, clove, & black pepper essential oils among others • plus arnica of course • & it’s been tested by approximately every fighter in the kingdom of the outlands

rub it right on in • you’ll feel better

not to be used internally • or in the bath • just don’t

(if that’s just too effing much • the smaller one’s this way)

handmade • natural • crap free • guaranteed


• grapeseed oil • marjoram, ginger, clove, fennel seed, rosemary, & black pepper essential oils • arnica oil • vitamin e oil


• 8 oz • 237 mL


Ma Cobb’s Joint Liniment & Long Day Fighting Bruise & Muscle Rub are real-world miracles. If she sold this 600 years ago, she would have been run out of town as a witch! I’d never shop anywhere else.

— Lord Michael M’Quilline


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