festoon: amaranthine

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amaranthine • a fancy word for ‘purple’ • the Gentry talk like that, i’m pretty sure

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• i found the big driftwood stick on the banks of Fountain Creek in Colorado

• the small beads & the medium silvery ones came from some jewelry a friend was getting rid of pretty recently • i asked for whatever anyone else didn’t want, & these showed up & were PERFECT …

• … to go with the big purple discs & beads, which came from another friend a couple years back • they’ve just been waiting for the exact right project

• the copper wire came from my brother-in-law, who used to fix diesel generators for a living • he saved me SO MUCH scrap

it's this big:

• the whole thing is about 17″ tall

• & just about a foot wide

• the round purple discs are an inch & a half across