bite, sting & rash salve


i effing hate bug bites • i have no self-control & i scratch • (yes i pick scabs too) • so i made this to stop the itch & whaddaya know, it works

good, soothing herbs (dandelion, chickweed, & plantain among em) in olive oil & shea butter & beeswax • it’s what your grandmother (or mine anyhow) would’ve called a ‘drawing salve’ • it draws out the crap so you can heal

(if you’re after more than this • the bigger one’s over here)

handmade • natural • crap free • guaranteed

• olive oil • shea butter • beeswax • infused plantain, organic comfrey leaf, wildcrafted dandelion leaf, burdock, peppermint, & chickweed • vitamin e oil


• 2 oz • 59 mL


I’ve used it and love it! It works great on eczema, too. AND I used it on a little kitten’s bum that was raw and scabbed from having diarrhea; it worked fabulously.
Your salves were the first (and only) thing I thought of to use on the little kitty bum!

— Brenda

You weren’t kidding about that bug bite sale being a drawing salve. In addition to stopping the itch from those sand fleas it pulled a deeply imbedded splinter from breakdown out in less than 20 mins. Color me impressed!

—Sigriðr Flossidottir

Just to let your customers know, Mary swears by your scratch and dent and bite sting and rash salves. They were field tested at both a 2 week archeological dig with Center for American Archeology and JCLC, an Army training camp for high school students. She has informed me that she is going to need refills on both for her college room first aid kit.

— Olwyn


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