anything on the other side


this could probably be considered an ‘earth’ pendant • if elemental correspondences are a thing you like • rocks friends

with thanks to sylvia plath’s poem finisterre for the title

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• I found the broken pottery fragment in the back yard of the house in Albuquerque

• my friend Ivar made most of the beads • he really does amazing work, doesn’t he?

• i think i might have actually bought the chain new • i feel kinda bad about that now

• i traded soap for the small red beads • & a lot of other beads to be fair

• my brother-in-law gave me the copper wire • he used to repair diesel generators for a living & wound up with a lot of scrap • i wouldn’t call five feet of wire ‘scrap’ • but what do i know

it's this big:

• the entire pendulum is 12.5″ long, tip to toe

• the loop at the top is 7/8″ across

• & the pottery bit at the bottom is 2.5″ long