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Loiosh & Royalty, a History

As with so many things, he started young.

He was just a couple months old when Queen Astrid met him & immediately fell in love. In the meantime I’m pretty sure I was getting gently scolded for not being at Midwinter where my Argent Hart was actually awarded. I explained that I had really wanted to attend, but I’d been working. In Hell. It was Walmart; close enough.

Much later, while living in Dragonsspine, Loiosh got into what would be a bad habit for anyone not as cute as he is.

Just LOOK how pleased he is with himself. Lil shit.

Fortunately everyone thought it was adorable. Both times. As witness:

& then a Battlemoor or so later …

Why yes, that IS one of the thrones of the Outlands.

Fortunately Queen Danielle, like her distant ancestor Queen Astrid, loves him.

I didn’t take these last two pics. I’m pretty sure I was facepalming, & also planning how to survive charges of lèse-majesté. Because it’s not like anyone’s gonna blame the CAT.

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Battlemoor — Mostly Hades Edition

Hades is sitting under a folding camping chair, with his leash wrapped around the legs so he can't move much. He's giving the camera a piteous look.

My friend Ivar, who makes excellent pottery, took this picture of Hades, & I think it sums up both Hades’ natural magnificence, & also his truly spectacular talent at getting himself ENTIRELY TANGLED.

In any case, I usually don’t take a lot of Hades pictures because he’s a longhaired black cat & pretty often winds up being a fluffy blot, but I got a LOT of good Hades pictures this Battlemoor. Continue reading Battlemoor — Mostly Hades Edition