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this is the Very Best of all possible ideas

A pretty close view of me, but the important part is that I'm wearing a large basket as a backpack, & Major Tom is peeking out, just his pawn & the top half of his head visible. His eyes are REALLY WIDE.

(I did one loop around the house & let him out, he really did pretty well with it, but this is the funniest picture I have ever taken in my ENTIRE LIFE)

After that, though, it was time to stick Loiosh in the basket instead & go check the mail, because 1) he’s bored, 2) I’M bored, & 3) I had herbs coming. Not that kind. Continue reading this is the Very Best of all possible ideas

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moar styx

A really astonishing sunset -- fading from bright yellow where the sun has just dipped below the horizon, through orange & pink down to pale blue, with wisps of grey-purple clouds.

but first an ‘I live here’ moment, I took that picture in the Home Despot parking lot, it just DOES that here

also, moar sticks, or as my friend Ari put it, moar styx, which since I have a Hades around, yeah, that works

these styx cost An Lot of moneys but this is the second-to-last big purchase I think

well. for this phase of the project anyways. there will be more later but that can happen AFTER Estrella

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my ragweed brings all the ungulates to the yard?

No cat pictures this week, because this time it’s cows. I … don’t even know.

I’ve been heaving hoofbeats at night every once in a while, but I’d figured it was the horses until one night I heard someone moo. I mean sometimes it’s still horses, but apparently sometimes it is, also, cows.

They were still around the next morning, so I got you a picture of cow butt.

Plus other cow pictures, but. Cow butt.

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