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I made a thing!

It’s been far, FAR too long since I’ve made a BIG piece for Trickster’s Trash. I knew more-or-less what this piece was going to be when I picked up the already-twisted bucket handle that frames it, so using this as a place to dip my toes back in was kinda perfect.

On a wood table: five pieces of green sea glass, a metal bucket handle with the two ends that would go into the top of the bucket twined together, & two buncldes of different thicknesses of copper wire, one enclosed in a teal-blue coating.

This is where I started. It’s rare that I have this much of an idea of where I’m going to wind up this early, & even rarer that I stick this close to what I’d envisioned. I’m not sure what, if anything, that means — but I’m happy with the results! Continue reading I made a thing!

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step 1: buy lots thing

A notebook with a shopping list written on it in dark pink pen. It contains items like 'tyvek tape' & '19/32 plywood'. Everything on the list has been crossed out in light blue.

I called my aunt on the way to Home Despot today, & opened the conversation with I AM ABOUT TO SPEND SO MUCH MONEY

Yep, I was whining. But that’s how it goes. We had a lovely chat. Turns out my uncle bought a van & has been converting it into a lovely tiny travelling house, so yay! It runs in the family!

… but eventually I arrived at the Despot of Home Improvement, thence to buy All the Things. Continue reading step 1: buy lots thing

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makin it pretty

I’ve spent most of the week working on what I’m calling ‘tinker’s wagon infrastructure’, or stuff that’s gonna make the build easier — from buying a bench vise to making cutting guides specifically tailored to work with my roommate’s circular saw, thus allowing me, for the first time in my life, to cut wood, or indeed anything, in a straight line.

But more about that next week! Due to circular saw issues, I spent the latter part of last week on another task I’ve been putting off, that of Making My Space Pretty.

Above you’ll see the purple shelf I finally got hung up, & gorgeously adorned with pretty things. It’s above my desk, so that I can look up & see it there.

Continue reading makin it pretty