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magnificent boys

Hades, gazing off to the left, looking magnificent indeed.

Hades is extra-magnificent, at least until he forgets to put his tongue away.

Loiosh, looking introspective.

The boy, in profile, gazing off to the right.

Deep thoughts about gooshyfud.

Basically the same thing but looking more at the camera. His eyes are a lovely grass-green.

Tandem contemplation.

Both of them, side by side, gazing off into the distant sunset, except it was morning & we were all still in bed.

Tom is Lorge & Asleep

Tom's face is Very Wide & he's got his eyes squinched shut.

Hades found a box of packing paper & has been making it into smaller packing paper & also, a nest.

Hades is curled up in a box which is spilling over with slightly shredded white packing paper. He is very smug.

Yes, people _will_ be receiving orders packed in slightly-shredded paper.

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Very Good Boys

Hades gazes off to the left of the photograph. He really is a strikingly handome cat.

Here is Hades, looking dignified & noble indeed! Such a handsome boy!

Hades is blurry but there's clearly pink cat tongue there.

… here is Hades licking my roommates’ laundry basket, because, apparently, of Reasons.

Ladles & genumints, I present unto you: My life.

*big dramatic sigh*

Anyway Loiosh got to flop outside in the sun for a bit.

Loiosh is laying on his side in the grass, leaning up on his right front leg, with his left front paw resting on a rock.

Happy blinky eyes.

A closer shot of Loiosh, looking off to the side with his eyes mostly squeezed shut.

Tom just has Resting Stern Face, is all.

Tom is laying on the worktable, gazing off into the distance. He's got one forepaw tucked under him & the other extended out towards the camera.

Also, toes.

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