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cat shirts & accidentally a kitten

A small cat, white with black & orange spots, & wearing a rainbow shirt, is curled up in a small ball, asleep.

Y’all know Zoey,  Rowan’s truck kitten, right? She’s home again for the week, having a wonderful time playing with the boys, & fits VERY nicely into a preemie size t-shirt.

It’s definitely too small on Loiosh though.

Loiosh, wearing the same shirt. It clashes with his fur SO MUCH & is, also, too small. He's sitting with his ears sticking out at Opinionated Angles.

But he was VERY patient & wore it for maybe five minutes.

He's still wearing it, trying to walk but not doing very well, which is fairly impressive when you can tell from a still photo.

We’ve also had a Visitor Cat coming around! She would sit outside my window, or on the front stoop, & sing sweet songs to my boys.

Night before last I finally talked her inside. She’s adorable & very sweet!

She is a tux cat, with a white belly & paws, black chin & ears, white muzzle rising to a white point between her eyes, which are yellow. She's got a tiny black beauty spot just to the left of her nose. She's sitting in a chair looking winsomely up at the camera.

… she also has balls, despite being clearly in heat & also clearly not a tomcat. I mean. Look at that FACE.

So the intersex cat decided that the house with three nonbinary people was clearly the place to go.

She's still sitting in the chair, but looking off to the left now. Her ears are black but the fur inside them in white. All of her whiskers are white, too.

She’s very sweet, entirely tame, & VERY much into loves. She also was completely okay with me sticking a harness on her & wore it without complaint for about five hours, so she’s got the potential to be a leashcat.

Looking down in the chair from above -- she's laying curled up now. Her tail & back are black, but the white of her chest comes up to her shoulderblades on both sides.

We’re gonna check her for microchips, & I made up flyers to put out. If we can’t find her people (she clearly had some, but hard to tell if she wandered off or was dumped :/ ) she’s already got a home with a friend of ours who is, appropriately enough, trans.

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asploring with a tomcat

Seen from above: Major Tom, a grey tabby, standing on ground that's mostly pine needles, next to where I'm kneeling on the ground.

mostly because he’s the only one of the lot who’ll happily follow along without buggering off somewhere & winding up across the street, YES, I’M TALKING TO YOU, LOIOSH

Me & my roommate Inoru went off walkies a day or two ago; I’d spotted a hrse skull I wanted to pick up, & they wanted to get out of the house for a bit, & we decided to let Tom come along too. He had quite a lot of fun, sniffed MANY things, & returned rather more dust-coloured than before.

He zoomed up a tree & then couldn’t quite figure out how to get down. We helped by laughing really hard & taking pictures.

Spot the cat toes!

A view up into the branches of a pinyon pine tree; blue sky is visible behind it. Just below the center of the photo, Tom's paw is visible, resting on a branch, with a bit of the rest of his leg stretching up to the right. The rest of him is behind the treetrunk.

He got it figured out …

Major Tom is perched in the branches of a pinyon pine, looking down & to the right. His perch is kinda precarious & he looks very intent.

… but it took him a while.

Pretty much the same spot but now he's looking straight down. He is SO DUSTY.

Yes, this is a grey tabby. Once he’s had a good wash, anyway.

He's laying on the kitchen floor, very much at his ease. His fur is basically brown. Even his belly, which is usually white, is reddish tan.

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door trim & a bit of Tom

seen from above: a wooden table holding a jigsaw, a clamp, & a length of plywood cut into ornate trim

I’m as far as I can get on the front window until the hinges come in, so I moved on to the next bit. Tyrava’s side door gets a bit of leaking going on when it rains, so that’s my next project — or at least part of it, because the weather had opinions too.

The back yard, low scrub dotted with evergreen trees; the sky is grey, darkening to REALLY grey in spots

I worked outside on the trim when I could, ducked inside when it rained a bit, & wound up getting a BUNCH done.

Got the first piece cut out!

The trim piece, being held up along the edge of a deep purple door.

But then I hadda duck inside for a bit. I’ve got this great cabinet I picked up for squat-all at the salvage place, & I wanted to take out part of the back so the wall will show a bit when it’s open. Tom helped survey the scene.

The pressboard cabinet is laying face-down on Tyrava's floor. Tom is curiously sniffing the end of it.

I’d pulled out the tiny nails stuck in the back, but there were LONG staples holding it in place too. Fortunately I have tools, & I’m not afraid to use em.

An inch-long staple lays on the back of the cabinet, next to the hole from which it has been wrenched. Tom's rubbing his face all over the side of the cabinet. It's his now.

But even when I pulled out every fastener I could find, the back piece wouldn’t slide out of the slot it was in. I guess it was glued?

So I got cranky & had at with the jigsaw. (I love my jigsaw.) After a bunch of that, interspersed with ducking outside a couple times, this is what I achieved:

Most of the back of the cabinet has been cut away, except for small sections at the top, bottom, & middle, enough to keep it stable. Two pieces of cut trim have been laid across it.

I took a bit of a break & thought about being done for the day, but there’s still so much to do … so I went out twice more to get the painting done.

Both pieces of trim have been painted the same dark purple I've used on the door & the other trim.

Tomorrow’s my day to plan the week, clear the decks, & generally get things set up for the next week, but I’m gonna take a little time to duck outside & get these in place. It’s gonna look good!

This was posted originally to my Patreon, a little over a week ago.

If you want to see these posts sooner, & not incidentally help support me & my cats in our travels & such, the way to do that is to sign up as one of my Patrons for as little as a buck a month.

I’d REALLY like that.