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moar styx

A really astonishing sunset -- fading from bright yellow where the sun has just dipped below the horizon, through orange & pink down to pale blue, with wisps of grey-purple clouds.

but first an ‘I live here’ moment, I took that picture in the Home Despot parking lot, it just DOES that here

also, moar sticks, or as my friend Ari put it, moar styx, which since I have a Hades around, yeah, that works

these styx cost An Lot of moneys but this is the second-to-last big purchase I think

well. for this phase of the project anyways. there will be more later but that can happen AFTER Estrella

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magnificent boys

Hades, gazing off to the left, looking magnificent indeed.

Hades is extra-magnificent, at least until he forgets to put his tongue away.

Loiosh, looking introspective.

The boy, in profile, gazing off to the right.

Deep thoughts about gooshyfud.

Basically the same thing but looking more at the camera. His eyes are a lovely grass-green.

Tandem contemplation.

Both of them, side by side, gazing off into the distant sunset, except it was morning & we were all still in bed.

Tom is Lorge & Asleep

Tom's face is Very Wide & he's got his eyes squinched shut.

Hades found a box of packing paper & has been making it into smaller packing paper & also, a nest.

Hades is curled up in a box which is spilling over with slightly shredded white packing paper. He is very smug.

Yes, people _will_ be receiving orders packed in slightly-shredded paper.

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The tinker's wagon, seen from the side, with three of the walls framed out. The fourth, the one nearest, hasn't been done yet.

I kept not getting round to taking pictures while I was framing out the walls, partly because I was busy framing out the walls & partly because, well, framing is framing, it isn’t HARD, there are a zillion places online where you can read about how to do it …

But then I thought, y’all aren’t here to see just anyone do the things, you’re here to see ME do the things.

Also, cat pictures. Continue reading framing!

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it’s a WALL

The front wall of the tinker's wagon is now framed out in 2x2 boards.


(Turns out an eight foot length of 2×2 framing is pretty easy for me to pick up by myself, so one of the places I thought I’d need help I’ll be able to handle pretty easily on my own.)

The hardest part was ripping the 2x4s down to 2x2s, but even that was no worse than annoying & tedious. I still wish I could find decent 2x2s, but, well.

& yes, that big gap at the center top IS gonna be a window. I like sunlight. A LOT.

Same thing, different angle. Also the sky is this REALLY amazing blue.

I’ll do a post with the actual steps in the process later this week, but right now I just wanna celebrate WALL.

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