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step 1: buy lots thing

A notebook with a shopping list written on it in dark pink pen. It contains items like 'tyvek tape' & '19/32 plywood'. Everything on the list has been crossed out in light blue.

I called my aunt on the way to Home Despot today, & opened the conversation with I AM ABOUT TO SPEND SO MUCH MONEY

Yep, I was whining. But that’s how it goes. We had a lovely chat. Turns out my uncle bought a van & has been converting it into a lovely tiny travelling house, so yay! It runs in the family!

… but eventually I arrived at the Despot of Home Improvement, thence to buy All the Things. Continue reading step 1: buy lots thing

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A trailer! Specifically a 77 inch by 16 foot flatbed trailer with double wheels on each side and a foot-high right angle metal rail around the front & sides. It's all painted sexy black.

That was pretty much my first view of MY trailer that is MINE & that I can do what I want with. It was a BIT OVERWHELMING. I mean, though, also awesome!

Also stacked behind a bunch of other trailers, on account of it was done a week ago & I didn’t get the voicemail notification, but, well. The guy said he’d get a forklift & get the other ones out of the way.

How do you move a trailer with a forklift? Like this: Continue reading TRAILER

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a Combined Post!

A wide wooden worktable, set up against the side of a house. It's got three front legs, & three tall back legs with a shelf across the top. There's a large grey tabbycat sittin on the right side.

Yes, this is both your cats & progress post for this week, on account of I’m picking up the trailer on Friday & aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAa

But I finished up the worktable, complete with shelf & lumber storage, & LOOK AT IT, IT IS SO GOOD

Also Major Tom likes it a lot. Here, he is saying ‘dis mine’. Continue reading a Combined Post!

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a new process

My van, with a black flatbed trailer almost as long as the van hitched to it, sitting in a marking lot. The sky above is blue with fluffy white clouds, & in the distance is a Route 66 sign.

Yesterday I picked up my new trailer.

Today I did a bunch of measuring & planning & sketching & taking pictures & stuff.

If I stick with my usual schedule of posting process posts only once a week, I’ll either be barely sketching out what I’m doing, or posting once a week well into 2023, & since I want to document this build pretty thoroughly, neither of these is gonna work.

So my current plan with my Patreon is thus: there’s still gonna be cat pictures once a week or so, but I’m also going to be posting about the tinker’s wagon build more-or-less every day I get something done.

That’s gonna be a LOT of posts. I’m pretty okay with this.

As usual, each post will unlock for non-patrons a week later, & also show up in the usual other places. (This one’s posting everywhere immediately, just so everyone knows what’s going on.)

For those of y’all who follow along elsewhere — thank you! Please keep reading, keep commenting, I love y’all. You’ll be reading stuff a week or so old, but so far as I know none of y’all need this in any time-critical fashion, so we’re all good.

That said, I would not mind AT ALL if a couple of you decided to sign on to my Patreon. Just a $1 pledge a month will get you immediate access to my building posts, plus the usual cat pictures. & I’m gonna be pretty busy for the next couple months, so having a lil extra money around to buy freezer pizza & Chef Boyardee instead of stuff I have to cook? I would be VERY grateful for that.

I’ll be posting about picking up the trailer shortly, for my patrons — the rest of you will get to read about it in a week. Tomorrow I’ll post about the measuring & planning, Tuesday I’ll tell you about going to Home Despot to get my first load of construction materials … I am SO excited about this.

I’ve been wanting to do something like this for at least twenty years, & it’s finally happening. I’m glad you’re here to share with with me.

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Loiosh & Royalty, a History

As with so many things, he started young.

He was just a couple months old when Queen Astrid met him & immediately fell in love. In the meantime I’m pretty sure I was getting gently scolded for not being at Midwinter where my Argent Hart was actually awarded. I explained that I had really wanted to attend, but I’d been working. In Hell. It was Walmart; close enough.

Much later, while living in Dragonsspine, Loiosh got into what would be a bad habit for anyone not as cute as he is.

Just LOOK how pleased he is with himself. Lil shit.

Fortunately everyone thought it was adorable. Both times. As witness:

& then a Battlemoor or so later …

Why yes, that IS one of the thrones of the Outlands.

Fortunately Queen Danielle, like her distant ancestor Queen Astrid, loves him.

I didn’t take these last two pics. I’m pretty sure I was facepalming, & also planning how to survive charges of lèse-majesté. Because it’s not like anyone’s gonna blame the CAT.

This was posted originally to my Patreon, a little over a week ago.

If you want to see these posts sooner, & not incidentally help support me & my cats in our travels & such, the way to do that is to sign up as one of my Patrons for as little as a buck a month.

I’d REALLY like that.

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makin it pretty

I’ve spent most of the week working on what I’m calling ‘tinker’s wagon infrastructure’, or stuff that’s gonna make the build easier — from buying a bench vise to making cutting guides specifically tailored to work with my roommate’s circular saw, thus allowing me, for the first time in my life, to cut wood, or indeed anything, in a straight line.

But more about that next week! Due to circular saw issues, I spent the latter part of last week on another task I’ve been putting off, that of Making My Space Pretty.

Above you’ll see the purple shelf I finally got hung up, & gorgeously adorned with pretty things. It’s above my desk, so that I can look up & see it there.

Continue reading makin it pretty

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my ragweed brings all the ungulates to the yard?

No cat pictures this week, because this time it’s cows. I … don’t even know.

I’ve been heaving hoofbeats at night every once in a while, but I’d figured it was the horses until one night I heard someone moo. I mean sometimes it’s still horses, but apparently sometimes it is, also, cows.

They were still around the next morning, so I got you a picture of cow butt.

Plus other cow pictures, but. Cow butt.

Continue reading my ragweed brings all the ungulates to the yard?