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Tyrava — door stops & more wall

[ Tyrava’s front door frame, which is painted purple; a length of unpainted wood maybe an inch wide & half an inch deep runs along the inside of the frame, right where the door will stop when it’s closed properly. ]

Last Saturday & today I got a bunch done on Tyrava, including the door stops all the way around the front door. Since I’m not terribly good at cutting things precisely & there were big gaps around the door, this is a VERY good thing.

It was easy where the door frame is straight, of course, but the curved parts were trickier. Continue reading Tyrava — door stops & more wall

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process post: wires & sticks

[ one long stick, shaped somewhat like a lacrosse stick & about a foot long; three shorter sticks, each about four inches long; & two tangles of copper wire sit in a pile, waiting for me to get a clue ]

As is traditional I picked up the big stick & it told me what it was gonna be called, so I grabbed some smaller sticks & some wire, & wow, was that not a lot to go on. Monday I rearranged the sticks a bunch of times & they didn’t do anything illuminating, so I figured I might be messing around a while to get them sitting the way they wanted to. Continue reading process post: wires & sticks

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too much inside

Loiosh, an orange tabby, is curled up in a blue cat bed. The fur down the middle of his head looks, well, kinda greasy, & is also sticking up funny. He looks pretty displeased with it all.

Woods Day last week was called on account of Wind & also Fire, so I only cave pictures of the boys inside right now.

… mostly.

Anyway, above is Loiosh, who does not have a mohawk because he is young & rebellious, but because he’s got ear mites, & I’ve been squirting baby oil in his ears twice a day for almost two weeks now. His ears are a lot less itchy, & also I except that he will kill me in my sleep any minute now. Continue reading too much inside