05/07 — in which our hero plays with bones and beads

The idea came to me while I was camped in Tonto National Forest, doing nothing but what I felt was my yes in each moment.

2015-02-20 15.33.41

A whole lot of my yes involved napping or cats or both (but then this is me) but a lot of it, it turned out, was art. Sewing and wire stuff and writing and beads, and collecting things to make art with, and taking pictures of everything, and scribbling notes about things to make later on, and and and…

2015-02-21 13.39.58

At the same time I read…something, somewhere, and I wish I’d taken note of where it was at the time because I’d like to credit whoever wrote it…about making a practice of finding time for your creativity. Of making time for it, chiseling it out somehow.

Hence, Art Day.

heishi 02

I decided to make every Thursday Art Day, and I don’t spend the whole day doing art, but I do try to keep from doing anything business-related at the very least (because leaving fallow time is vital for creativity!) and ideally to spend a good chunk of the day just…making things.

There have been revelations along the way.

heishi 05

And some really awesome creations have resulted.

cholla 03

I’m learning (or remembering?) that it’s worth taking my time to add the little details.

heishi 10

I’ve learned that with just a little repetition I can go from ‘holy crap how even do I get the wire to do what I want’ to ‘yeah I’ll just crank the rest of them out while reading porny Avengers fanfic, this rocks’.


I’m getting more and more pleased with what I’m making (and so have the people I’ve gifted them to…I got called a ‘turd’ by the lady who got this one. In the kindest of ways!)


I’m gonna keep doing Art Day every Thursday, more or less. And working in time for creativity elsewhere, when I can, too.

It’s gonna be AWESOME.

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