1/24 — Up to the Mountains

Not Colorado’s mountains, alas. But the Appalachians are pretty, too, and even more importantly I got to spend the weekend with my family.

My Aunt Ann has an absolutely beautiful, luxurious cabin in the mountains, and she’s generous enough to share with us from time to time. We went up there last weekend — me, my mother, my sister, my nephew, and of course Loiosh — and had a wonderful time.

Riley wanted to see his picture in the viewscreen of my camera, but he doesn’t yet understand that I have to take his picture first, so there were some Unnecessary Closeups:

Riley and Mom spent a bunch of time playing with beads — or, as I like to call it, ‘sewing practice’:

Mom made dinner Friday night (her wonderful lasagna), and I cooked on Saturday — an African-inspired peanut stew that I really ought to post the recipe for sometime. We took a few walks in the (very, very cold) woods, got plenty of naps (my sister especially enjoyed hers), and spent some time in our favourite hobbies — Mom and Aunt Ann doing crosswords, and I got in some sewing (about which more later).

And Loiosh spent most of the weekend (when not being chased around by Riley) napping atop the couch.

My sister got artistic with her iPhone — I think this was Instagram? Or one of those? Either way, it’s a beautiful portrait of my boy.

All in all, a lovely weekend, and a lovely break.

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