sometimes we laugh (sometimes we cry)

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sometimes we laugh because otherwise we’d be crying • resistance is hard • it’s work & it’s heartbreaking • sometimes we gotta laugh • sometimes we gotta cry

$5 from this will go to the Transgender Resource Center of New Mexico • trans people being kinda liminal & all • seemed appropriate

materials • i found the seaglass while mudlarking along the banks of fountain creek in colorado • technically i suppose it’s creek glass

• the copper wire was gifted to me by my brother-in-law, who salvages it from the generators he repairs for a living

• wrapping the really thin wire like this is tedious but wow does it wind up looking cool

size • the entire piece is just over five inches wide • & about three inches long

• the middle piece of seaglass is an inch tall

• i am pretty sure you can figure out the rest from there • more or less

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