9/30 — Time to rejigger the bath salts.

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It’s coming up on bath seasons, which means I’ve been taking more baths, and of course I’m using my bath salts. And I’ve discovered that they’re…really not as good as they could be.

So I’ve been experimenting. I’m working on making them less clumpy, on getting rid of the funky stuff that winds up floating on top of the water instead of properly dissolving, and I’m making the scent stronger — it really does take a lot of oils to stand up to an entire bath tub full of water.

Of course this has involved a lot of product testing. Have I mentioned that’s one of my favourite bits? It’s one of my favourite bits.

Anyways, watch this space for NEW! IMPROVED! (sorry, I think it’s required that I do that) bath salts. Oh, and I’m working on one for achy feet, while I’m at it.

After thorough testing, of course.

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