12 months of soap

 • $108.00 add to cart

handmade soap • delivered to your door • every month for a whole year

what’s not to love?

wanted to know more than that before you hit ‘add to cart’? • it’s like this

you get a bar of soap of my choosing once a month for a year • it might be something brand-new • it might be something i haven’t made in ages • or something so cool i didn’t want to make too much (so it’s just for you)

this price includes shipping • (so if you’re ordering for someone outside the US ask me about the shipping before you order) • the cart will add a $2.50 handling charge • (because i haven’t figured out how to make it stop)

your first soap will ship when you order • after that, they’ll go out around the first of the month • if it’s a gift i can write them a nice little note to tell them it’s from you • just let me know

what you get is what you get • no special requests, i’d be pulling out my hair • but whatever it is, it’ll smell awesome

commitment-shy? • six months of soap this way

no detergents • no fragrance oils • no petroleum (save it for driving with) • keep it simple with coconut oil & shea butter • straight-up, crap-free, gets-you-clean soap

I wanted to let you know how much I love your soap! I bought three bars (it was a variety) and they all smelled wonderful. On a whim I tried using the soap to wash my face and it’s been absolutely amazing! Your soap doesn’t dry out my skin or leave any weird soap residue.

ingredients • saponified coconut oil • glycerine • shea butter • water • berry extract • white oxide • essential oils & herbs

size • 12 x 4.5 oz • 133 mL

handmade • natural • crap free • guaranteed

 • $108.00 Add to Cart

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