so we went to Estrella…

…with two cats. Apparently I can’t help it.

Have a couple pre-Estrella pics first, though, because Estrella prep is a BIG part of Estrella.

We’d used the trailer when we moved, & of course then we hadn’t entirely unpacked it right away, so we had to schlep the last of the stuff out before we could start packing for Estrella. This is most of the way through the schlepping.

The interior of a cargo trailer; it's mostly empty but urgh, there's still some stuff in it.

Also Dharma decided a couple days out that the cabinets her essential oils go in had to be put up IMMEDIATELY.

A really nice wooden cabinet with a glass door, filled with a variety of small bottles & vials, hangs on a white wall; above it is a small set of blue shelves with more bottles, most of them larger.

I mean who takes pictures of setup? But just as soon as we had the curtains put up, Hades had to explore.

Hades is a black longhaired cat with a somewhat scraggly tail; in this shot he's standing pretty precariously on a crossed pair of pieces of bamboo, high up in a canvas tent.

Yep, he's still up there. Dharma's standing below, looking up at him somewhat warily.

A closer shot of Hades, still standing on the bamboo, but his mouth is open & he's apparently having an Opinion About All of This.

He settled in just fine — once we got him back down, anyways — & he wound up having a good war. He’s learned to watch Loiosh when he’s not sure about something; if Loiosh isn’t worried, Hades feels he clearly doesn’t have anything to worry about, either. Being a cat, he spent a LOT of time napping.

Hades is sprawled, pretty much boneless & possibly asleep, across the lap of a white person wearing early Norse garb.

Course so did Loiosh. They’re cats.

Loiosh is a shorthaired orange tabby; here he's curled up tightly in a blue cat bed.

Dharma slept in the booth but the boys & I stayed in the van. I’m SO glad I got that cat stroller; getting them both back & forth without it would be a NIGHTMARE.

Both boys sitting in a stroller, Hades in front of Loiosh. They're in the canvas tent but they're all ready to go.

One of my favourite _other_ leashcats came by — Purcy is SO chill, he makes Loiosh look high-strung & nervous. I am AMAZED he put up with that.

Another orange cat, but Purcy's fur is lighter; he's curled up asleep in a purple cat stroller. On his back is, well, it's a howdah. With a stuffed mouse.

I actually got a picture of the booth! Well, Dharma did.

A view into the booth from the front -- it's a large canvas tent, tables along the walls holding a wide variety of soap, lip balms, & other crap I sell. In the front of the booth stands a RIDICULOUSLY ADORABLE smaill child in purple & pink garb.

The small child in the above pic really belonged with _this_ booth, but we were pretty okay with her hanging out sometimes. Anyway she really likes the cats.

A wooden trailer; part of the side drops down to become a display surface, & another part lifts to form a canopy. Visible on the inside wall of the trailer are a bunch of swords.

…it’s pretty possible that I have gotten some REALLY AWESOME ideas from this trailer over the years.

This is a LOT of pics so I’m gonna do the drive home in another post.

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