11/12/14 — Shakedown Cruise

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A van the size of the Van the Size of France.

Let me just say that despite the RIDICULOUS but expected reduction in gas mileage, my van makes travelling to and from an event 532560896% better than my car.

Why’s that?

I have a bed. An actual bed, with sheets, that I can lay down in and stretch all the way out, and also sit all the way up if I want to.

There’s enough space that not only do I have a bed and everything I need for an event, I also have room for a quite comfortable Ikea chair, in which I can sit at my ease in the evenings (or over lunch) and read, and relax, and perhaps have a bit of popcorn.

In fact I can almost stand up in the back.

There’s room for my cats (yes, I brought them both) to wander, and nap, and look out the windows, and even have a tussle if they want.

There’s room. There’s SO MUCH room.

And there’s a lot to be done, before I have her set up the way I really want. A lot of work, a lot of building and rearranging and testing and napping and cooking and maybe even some production if I get things set up the way I want…

…but that’s for the future. Right now? I have a RIDICULOUS AWESOME van. And that’ll do.

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