2/02 — Samson, Redux

No great revelations here, and it’s not a year yet since he passed, but I found some pictures of Samson that I wanted to share.

Buddy’s Bar-B-Q, down in Knoxville, delivers their various meals in lovely boxes shaped like (and the perfect size for) kitty houses. Wade had at one of them with a box knife to add a door and some windows for my boys, and they all enjoyed it, but Samson? He loved the thing.

It was his hidey-hole, his Sekrit Lair. He’d lurk inside, burst out to ambush Loiosh or Chocolate. Or he’d just curl up inside and pretend the rest of the world (especially those humans) wasn’t there. It was his safe place, and his favourite napping spot.

I miss my Samson. I wish Emily had gotten to meet him, too. I think he’d’ve loved her just as much as he loved Loiosh.

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