6/10 — Running Errands

A largish orange tabbycat sitting, quite comfortably, in a blue pet stroller.Friday was a day for running errands. Of course I brought Loiosh — he has a stroller now, after all!

I couldn’t bring him into the first place I stopped (the post office) and decided to leave him in the car for the second stop, too — fortunately it was cool and quite rainy, so the only thing I risked was him hollering at me for leaving him in the car (he’s got a point, I have to admit).

The second stop was County Line Nursery, one of two shops in southeastern PA that carries my stuff. I wanted to check on their inventory (they still have plenty, though I got a very nice consignment check from them) and to take some pictures of my products in their shop for the wholesale page. Alas, my camera was acting up and I didn’t get any while I was there.

It was working by the time I got to Java Good Day Cafe, though, and I got some nice pictures, and also stocked her up on soap and lip balms (since she’d sold out AGAIN).

A kraft paper display box sitting on a store counter, holding a whole much of tubes of The Vagabond Tabby lip balm.Not that I object to this, mind you. I’m pretty fond of it, actually. I left her with twice as many tubes of lip balm as last time, and I’m entirely prepared to do that again pretty soon.

I had lunch there, too — I almost never eat out, but I can’t resist at the cafe, and since I’ve usually got a pocketful of cash from sales I figure I might as well treat myself a little. This time I had an egg salad sandwich — no celery, which I hate — it had chopped-up roasted red peppers instead, and oh my GODS was that tasty. On a lovely buttery croissant, which did result in a certain amount of egg salad on the plate, but that’s the risk you take and I was perfectly willing to scoop up the last little bits with the spoon from my (also delightful) hot chocolate.

Lest this turn into a restaurant review (not an actual risk, as I haven’t got the patience), let’s get back to our roots: it really is all about the cat.

He took a bit of a wander around the shop…

An orange tabbycat standing on a dark brown leather couch. You can see his green leash being held by someone off-camera to the left.

(Courtesy of Ann, the proprietor, who hung onto his leash for me while I poked at my intermittently-cooperating camera…)

An orange tabbycat, standing on a brown leather couch, his leash being held by a tall white woman standing to the left.

…but spent most of the visit comfortably ensconced in his stroller.

A closeup shot of an orange tabbycat, sitting in his pet stroller, gazing contemplatively to the right.

He’s really very fond of the thing, and that makes me a very happy catmomma.

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