8/18 — Project Log: Hair Adornments

I’m going through one of my occasional girl stages (it’s a thing that happens). I know perfectly well I won’t remember to put on a necklace, bracelets get in the way, and my anklet never comes off, so that leaves hair adornments, which I have kind of a bunch of.2015-08-06 12.32.43

Course when they’re shoved in a drawer like this, I don’t wear them so much.

2015-08-06 12.33.00

I’ve seen projects all over Pinterest where someone took an empty picture frame and strung ribbon or string or sometimes chicken wire through it to hook hair things to, and I’d had something like that in mind for a while, but a couple weekends ago I happened on the perfect ribbon

2015-08-06 12.35.53

and the perfect (cast iron!) frame.

2015-08-06 12.33.23

Loiosh helped! (Halped?)

2015-08-06 12.33.27

I cut lengths of ribbon, strung them through the frame as appropriate, and sewed them into loops as tight as I could.

2015-08-06 13.15.20

They are quite sturdy enough to hold even my biggest hair things. (‘Hair thing’ being a technical term.)

2015-08-06 13.44.22

Et voila! The finished product, nicely displayed and yet within easy reach of my desk.

2015-08-06 17.36.18

…next thing you know I’ll be building a vanity, at which I will sit and brush my long flowing locks.

(Actually…they are getting sort of long!)

4 Comments on “8/18 — Project Log: Hair Adornments”

  1. This is so cool! *admires*

    [Here via Havi’s]

    Mechaieh on 18 Aug 2015, 8:56 pm (Link | Reply)

    • Yay thank you! Since I wrote this up I have also coated it in sparkly nail polish, because sparkles.

      [ Yay Havi’s! ]

      Kate on 18 Aug 2015, 8:57 pm (Link | Reply)

  2. Very clever & very nicely done. I, too, would sit & brush my long locks if I had one of these for my hair “thingies” ( or if I had long locks).

    Carolyn on 19 Aug 2015, 9:05 am (Link | Reply)

    • I bet brushing your hair still feels nice though. Short hair can be decadent and luscious too!

      Kate on 19 Aug 2015, 1:56 pm (Link | Reply)

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