8/21 — Outlands Crown Tourney

…in which the fighters battle to determine who will be the next King and Queen of the Outlands for the next six months.

As is traditional, I paid basically no attention to the actual fighting part. There was too much else going on.

I wish my chair were this nice, but it’s not, so Loiosh stole someone else’s:


And was very comfortable the whole day.


Plus he got loves and quite a lot of roast beef from his various admirers.

Dwen and Bri show off their lovely Viking garb. Loving the bling.


Crown Tourney is usually held outside — it’s rare we find a big enough space inside where they can actually fight. Not a lot of damage to be done that the livestock hasn’t already tried, though. The space was a little allergy-ey but otherwise worked very well, and it was much cooler inside than out in the sun.

I did catch a little of the fighting.


Some folks even camped inside. I wouldn’t have been able to without having massive allergy problems, but most people were okay, and it really is kind’ve nice not having to worry about rain.

Eulasaid and David have a lovely camp:


It takes longer to set up and break down than I’d want to take, but for them it’s totally worth the time and effort. And it really, really looks awesome.

Plus I ended the day with some of the best foods ever.


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