The zoo! (only with no critters)

I mean yes, the zoo _has_ critters, I just didn’t take any pictures of them, because I forgot to get out my phone, & anyways it was all the aquarium & Rowan got plenty of pictures.

But then we wandered around the gardens & they were BEAUTIFUL.

They have a dragon who ACTUALLY SHOOTS SMOKE. (okay, steam.)


(& is also waving hi.)

We didn’t even go through this gate but I hadda get a picture, it’s SO beautiful. I’m going back WAY more often.

I think if you duck around the corner in the right spot you wind up in Fairyland.

Also there is a train. I love trains.

The wrought-iron fence (to keep the fae out of Albuquerque, I guess?) are ornate & perfect.

It was just a really lovely day.

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