4/10 — This is what my muffler looks like.

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My muffler needs a new muffler. So I’m having a sale.


It’s pretty much the usual — 25% off of everything in the shop, discount taken in the cart, sale to continue until I get tired of it — but there’s a bit of a twist, and that’s that once I’ve brought in enough money to get my car a nice shiny new stainless steel muffler, I’m going to be installing it myself.

I’ve already changed my own oil, regapped my sparkplugs, and helped a friend rebuild his entire engine. I have a Chilton manual and I’m not afraid to use it. I’ve got tools, a jack, a pair of jack stands, and boundless confidence in my ability to hack the old one off with a reciprocating saw and bolt the new one into place.

I’ll even post pictures of the process. It’ll be awesome. Wanna help?

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