12/30 — More Riley

It’s kind of hard to get enough. He’s SO CUTE.

Riley with my old Flyers jersey

I gave Riley my old Flyers jersey from when I was like six, or eight, I dunno. Small. Dad made it for me; he had the sporting goods store at the time, so it was kind of a natural. I was such a huge Flyers fan when I was a kid, it was probably ridiculous, but oh well. I loved going to games. Riley will, too.

The jersey is a little beat up and I don’t know how long it’ll last, but that’s fine. If he gets to wear it a couple times I’ll be happy. Better than letting it sit around until it moulders away!

…I may have cried a little while I wrapped it up.

Riley wearing his new shoes

Jamie (one of my roommates) has been experimenting with felted stuff, and she tried making a pair of slippers. They came out a little smaller than anticipated…but they fit Riley just about perfectly. They’re like little elf shoes. Thank you Aunt Jamie!

Riley in my new basket

Mom got me a seriously awesome African basket for Christmas. Currently it’s holding the rest of my Christmas presents (and probably the cat), but we couldn’t resist putting Riley in it. He promptly tried to eat the handle.

Mom holding Riley

Mom is…smitten. Besotted. In love. As well she should be.

The whole family

The whole family. Not quite, really, since Ryan was taking the picture, but it’s the women of the Jones family, anyway. And Riley. Cos baby. Yeah.

I’ll be hanging onto this one.

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