12/28 — Meeting Riley

He’s perfect in all possible ways.

My nephew Riley beneath the Christmas tree, opening one of his many presents.

He’s awesomely well-behaved and ridiculously cheerful.

Riley's first Christmas ornament! It's a wreath of green beads, with a red button as the bow at the bottom.

I made him his first Christmas ornament; that’s my sister showing it to him.

He’s…I’m in love. I’m in awe. My sister made a person. It’s like magic!

…that sounds flippant, but it’s how I feel.

Riley opening more presents, with some help from his dad.

That’s his dad giving him a hand with another one of his presents. He got a lot of stuff. He was fascinated by all of it (boxes included, of course).

A new set of tools! Riley opening up a box of brightly-colored toy tools -- his very first set.

Tools, of course. Inevitable with both a father and mother who are so handy with them. I’ll be buying him ‘gender-inappropriate’ baby dolls eventually, but I figured I’d give his parents a break before I started with the real ‘weird aunt’ stuff.

Plus a copy of ‘Free to Be You and Me’. I think as official Weird Aunt it’s almost required.

My mom, helping Riley play with yet more of the toys he got this Christmas. Riley's also wearing a bright Flyers-orange vest.

That’s my mom with Riley. She’s wound around his little finger, too. He’s her only grandchild; that’s only as it should be.

Me feeding Riley with some competence. Loiosh watches with great jealousy.

I got to feed him. I think I did okay. Most of it wound up in him instead of on, well, everyone within range. Note the look of concentration I’m wearing. Feeding a baby is hard work!

Loiosh was, of course, extremely jealous and also wanted some of that gooshyfood badly. I told him it was avocado. He didn’t care. FOOD MOM FOOD ALSO LOVE.

He’s still and always my bestest baby boy but right now…I have a nephew. And he’s the most beautiful, awesome baby in the whole. World.

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