leashcats r us

You are correct in your perception that this is not Loiosh.

Cos there’s Loiosh, right there.

Also, you’re right, that’s not Chocolate.

Cos this cat is way too fuzzy too be Chocolate.

That’s cos it’s Hades. We’re watching him for friends for a while, & he is the Most Mellow cat, so I thought, well, let’s see how this goes.

Turns out it’s going pretty well.

This was Hades’ first trip up into the woods. He wasn’t real sure about this stuff at first, but his buddy Loiosh thinks it’s just fine, so it must be okay.

(Seriously, every time we take him out, he watches Loiosh, & when he decides Loiosh is okay with it, well, it’s obviously okay.)

So there was a lot of climbing on rocks…

(okay, also under them)

some hunkering on rocks

also generally some farting around. Like a lot of cats, it turns out, Hades will pretty happily follow along behind when I’m walking, especially along a trail. We ran into a couple other people, who happily handed out pettings. So Hades had a fun time on his first trip into the woods.

Also I found a cool bug.

Loiosh got to pose.

& there was a rock with fossils!

& of course the traditional loot photo.

Hades had a great time, so there’ll be more of this. It’s possible — not sure yet, but it’s possible — he’ll even be at Battlemoor.

Here’s hoping.


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