10/25 — gutierrez-milne open space

a couple weeks ago i had the sort of night’s ‘sleep’ that • well, there was sleeping, it was just REALLY CRAPPY sleeping • you know the type • anyway i knew i hadda shake it off somehow, so i went looking & found a lovely open space nearby

it’s called gutierrez-milne open space & it is very lovely • it really just is a hunk of open space, though, not so much as a picnic table • which is kinda fine, once i figured it out, all i need is a trail


& my boy


& i’m good to go


there were a lot of cool rocks


also lichen


the shadows on this rock were really cool, i watched them move in the breeze for a while


the cholla were … blooming? fruiting? BRIGHT, anyway


here is a neat texture on this cut stump


the boy was pretty cooperative about walking with me but sometimes he’s just gotta strike off the trail a lil

& inevitably get tangled over THERE


but there was also flopping in the shade to be done



so much to smell, see, walk over, flop on • it was a good walk • we’ll be going back



3 Comments on “10/25 — gutierrez-milne open space”

  1. Perhaps you’ve heard of the area near Cedro Peak. It’s a favorite of mine for hiking and getting away from the city. Take highway 337 south from Tijeras about 3.5 miles to FJuan Tomas Rd. Follow it about 3/4 of a mile to Forest Rd 252. There’s a group Campground about 1,000 feet up the road that’s a nice place to walk. I take Smith (the cat) there sometimes.

    (I found your blog on Good Luck Duck’s.)

    Michael Herrmann on 21 Nov 2016, 3:02 pm (Link | Reply)

    • Ooh, sweet, thank you! I’ll be checking that out. Maybe Loiosh & I will run into you & Smith there one of these days.

      Kate on 21 Nov 2016, 3:15 pm (Link | Reply)

  2. Oops! Typo! There shouldn’t be an F in front of the J in Juan Tomas.

    Michael Herrmann on 21 Nov 2016, 3:04 pm (Link | Reply)

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