they cannot conquer forever

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Though here at journey’s end I lie
in darkness buried deep,
beyond all towers strong and high,
beyond all mountains steep,
above all shadows rides the Sun
and Stars for ever dwell:
I will not say the Day is done,
nor bid the Stars farewell.

$5 from this goes to the ACLU • p sure they’ll put it to good use

materials • i found the seaglass & the green rock while mudlarking along the banks of fountain creek in colorado • technically i suppose it’s creek glass • still a rock tho

• the spirals came from a pile of various bits i got from a merchant in pennsylvania in trade for helping them break down their booth

• the copper wire was gifted to me by my brother-in-law, who salvages it from the generators he repairs for a living

• i found the heavy steel wire along the side of the road

size • the entire piece is just over three inches long

• the green rock is about an inch tall

 • $30.00 This item is currently out of stock.

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