9/25 — Great Western War!

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Once upon a time I drove through an interchange in Phoenix, Arizona that looked like this:



I mean, I knew I had a couple days off; I was going to use them to go to the Grand Canyon. But California! Where I’d never been!

But I didn’t take the exit, and the Grand Canyon was totally worth it. So that was fine.

But this October I’m gonna be going there. Not to Los Angeles, because it’s huge and the traffic and I’d be terrified, but California, for the Great Western War. I’ve been to all the other great wars and it’s time to complete the set.


Speaking of time, I’ll be taking my sweet time getting there and back — because why wouldn’t I? It’ll be two new states for me and Loiosh — California and Nevada — and there’ll be plenty to see.

I kinda can’t wait.

Will I see any of you there?

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