Rio Grande State Park, or, who thought THIS was a good idea

So like TWO MONTHS AGO I took Loiosh & Hades down to Rio Grande State Park to wander around & then took forEVer to actually remember to post about it.

Two cats on leashes standing on a dirt trail in the woods. Loiosh is an orange tabby; his tail is up & he's looking off to the left. Hades has long black fur & a poofy tail & is sniffing at something on the edge of the trail.

So here’s a bunch of cat pictures, & Thing.

The boys are both standing in a sparse patch of reeds. Nevertheless, they've tangled their leashes with GREAT enthusiasm.

You might remember this one, & also I would like to know which of you told me THIS was a good idea, because I’m pretty sure it wasn’t me. Or, two leashcats are WAY more than twice as much trouble as one.

But they had a good time wandering around & climbing on logs.

Loiosh sitting, gazing off into the distance; the ground is covered in dead leaves. He blends in pretty well.

A view into the forest, brown with winter, from Hades' point of view -- his ears & the top of his head form the bottom of the shot.

Hades walking down a fallen log toward the camera; he looks pretty determined.

Both boys on the same fallen log; this time it's Hades gazing off into the distance, while Loiosh looks to be about to jump down.

A closeup of Hades, noble in profile, with that goofy fangtooth sticking out.

The shot is taken at an angle; Loiosh, eyes determined, tail flirted, walking towards the camera, determined to get A Love.

I LOVE that picture of the boy, even though he’s blurry, cos he’s all INTENT ON MOMMA WHERE IS A LOVE

There was a bit of green, even in (what passes for) the depths of winter.

A few green leaves, furry or possibly slightly spiny, peek out of the ground.

A single green leaf, shaped like a spear point, dangles from a branch; the tip of the branch holds several smaller leaves, just unfurling.

But mostly things were still asleep, waiting for spring.

A single dried thistle flower hangs from its stem; the background is a complex mosaic of dried leaves.

A dried stem of something that looks REALLY pokey. That's because it's REALLY pokey.

I wanted to go down to the river itself, but Hades was pretty nervous about all that open sky, so we stayed near the trees. I found some raccoon prints (I’m pretty sure).

Yep, pretty sure those are raccoon prints. In mud. Long toes. Or fingers? That thumbprint is looking awfully opposable...

The open sky’s a bit much for Hades but under the trees it’s just fine.

That APPALLINGLY blue New Mexico sky, stitched with traceries of winter tree branches.

In fact both of them decided to do a bit of climbing.

Loiosh. Quite a ways up a pretty big tree. Majestically silhousetted against the sky.

Hades, not nearly as far up a tree; it's apparently Majestic Gazing Day.

I found a couple of treasures but only decided to keep the second one.

Somebody else's copy of Monsters Unleashed: When Trull Attacks!!! I hope they came back for it.

A pretty cool piece of bone.

Eventually we made our way back to the van. I set up my comfy chair alongside so we could hang out a bit — I wanted give Hades the chance to learn that the van doesn’t always mean Going Somewhere Scary, but sometimes just Hanging Out.

Loiosh was happy to perch on my lap for some Loves.

Momma! I am need a Loves!

Hades, on the other hand, decided he’d had Enough.

Hades is on my lap, getting petted, but he's gazing longingly into the open door of the van.

Hades is now in the van, sprawled at his ease on top of a stack of foam padding & a sleeping bag. He's visibly pretty pleased with this.

Once he got back in the van, though, he was good. I’m pretty sure this trip helped him get used to the concept of ‘Van is Temporary House’, which made things a LOT more comfortable for him at Estrella.

…but more about that later.

2 Comments on “Rio Grande State Park, or, who thought THIS was a good idea”

  1. I love how in the first couple of photos it looks as if Loiosh has two shadows.
    I’d totally believe it.

    Laura Watkins on 10 Sep 2018, 10:41 pm (Link | Reply)

    • Like. I wouldn’t even be surprised by that. *shakes head*

      Kate on 10 Sep 2018, 11:00 pm (Link | Reply)

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