6/17 — Garden of the Gods

Loiosh and I went to Garden of the Gods last Thursday, and had the BEST TIME. It was part of my ‘get me and the boy out of the house more often than never’ project, and I gotta call it a success.

Seriously, if you’re ever anywhere remotely near Colorado Springs, and you’ve got the time, GO. It looks like this:


Also like this:


And this:


And this is what Loiosh thinks of it:


Plus, it’s free, many of the trails are nicely wheelchair accessible, it’s got a really nice visitor center with bunches of geological information, and they allow pets as long as they’re on leashes. Basically, all I could ask for. They even let the pets climb the rocks (where they let the humans climb the rocks, anyways) and that’s mostly what we did.




He was pretty sure there was a lizard under this one. Or maybe a mouse. Or a bug.


We didn’t try climbing this part, though.


Because no. Did I mention no? No.

There was, also, a certain amount of climbing-the-trails-to-the-rocks, and quite a lot of not-climbing-the-trails-to-the-rocks,-at-least-not-as-fast-as-Momma-would-like-to-be-going, but he didn’t actually manage to catch the rabbit and eventually he did catch up to me.


There was also a brief incident of over-the-wall, and I had to ask someone else to hang onto his leash while I went around the wall to catch up. (Actually she offered; it’s not at all difficult to find someone who’s willing to hang onto Loiosh’s leash for a couple.)


And I end with the traditional cat-in-basket selfie, this time with awesome red sandstone in the background.

Bonus picture of Loiosh gazing dramatically off into the distance.


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