11/12 — Florissant National Monument

I’ve only been planning to get to Florissant National Monument for approximately the entire time I’ve been in Colorado (both times), & I finally managed it a couple weeks ago (mostly because my alas-short-term roommate Rowan wanted to go, so we went). Most of these pictures are his, cos my phone camera is sort of crap.

It’s…REALLY awesome. I mean. Look at that.

fossilized wood

We started in the visitor center, though, cos that’s what you do (& it was our only chance to see the fragile fossil insects & stuff they excavate there). They’re really cool.



Then there were the fossilized redwoods. Apparently this area was an even better environment for growing HUGETASTIC redwoods than where redwoods grow now, so they were, well, HUGETASTIC.



…I mean.

We walked one of the trails, too, past some of the stumps that are left. A lot of them were taken, piece by little piece, by tourists & visitors, before the land was purchased by the government & turned into a national monument. Which is why we need the things, folks.

I love the Colorado mountains. The peaks are spectacular, but the rest is beautiful too.


There may have been a ‘bones of long-dead creatures’ theme going on, in Adhemar’s memory.


2015-10-24 13.44.32


Also have a random pinecone.

2015-10-24 13.53.25

Also a leaf.


Also informative signage.


The texture of the fossilized wood is SO neat. I wanted to touch it, but alas. Pics will have to do.



(I took the top picture, the pinecone pic, & the one of the fallen log, but the rest are Rowan’s work — you can find him on twitter as where_the_rider.)


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