4/04 — Downtime

It’s something we all need, and it’s something we don’t get enough of.

I’ve been getting a lot of downtime recently. The day after my last post, I got up at about 9:30…and then, almost on a whim, climbed back into bed and snuggled my Chocolate-kitty for about two hours.

I mean, who could resist that face?

I spent the day doing things I like — I took a long walk. read for several hours, made myself a nice dinner. Snuggled my cats. Did a few dishes, and did a few things online, but only when I really felt like it.

That’s not what the last several weeks have been like — I’ve been doing a lot of work for Hot Glue Media, my other job, and I’ve finished moving and gotten my place set up — but I’ve been spending more time reading, walking, and cat-snuggling than I used to.

And it’s been a very good thing for me. I’m sleeping better, and waking up better in the morning. My back hurts much less than usual. My mind is clear more often — I don’t get the fuzzies as much as I used to. It’s been a long-needed break.

I read this post by Tara Swiger — ‘Safety, Self-Reliance and Other Lies’. There’s a bit that really caught my attention…

I came to think of safety as self-reliance.
If only I was smart enough and strong enough and worked hard enough, I would be ok.

But the self-reliance was getting in the way of my best work. When I thought, “I have to do this“, I get cramped and tight and unable to see big and clear (which is one of my gifts, the engine that runs this business).

In this self-reliant, tight space, I trusted that I could sell enough to pay our bills (my husband was tragically underemployed for most of the last year). I knew that I was smart enough and strong enough, if I just worked hard enough.

And that’s gave me some peace…as long as I kept pushing.

As long as I kept pushing.

I’ve spent the last several years pushing, without a break…and I’m finally done with that. I’ll work, and I’ll take breaks when I need them, and already it’s working better. I’m working better. And relaxing better, too.

Think about it. Are you in a position where everything is just fine…as long as you keep pushing? Maybe it’s time to stop pushing for a while. Maybe it’s time for some downtime.

Might be the best thing for ya.

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