12/30 — Cats & Packing Peanuts

I’ve been catching up on some old pictures lately…these are from before I moved. Trust me, Emily’s a lot bigger now!

I’d run out of packing peanuts, and my dear friend Lisa suppled me with a few. By which I mean a whole freakin garbage bag full.

Needless to say Mr. Loiosh was pretty excited, specially after I moved some of em to a more easily accessible tote (which, as you can see, he promptly knocked over):

Emily, of course, was curious. What are these? Why are you so excited about them?

…so of course he had to show her (she is as addicted to them now as he is — fortunately neither of them eat them, they just chew em up and leave me a mess.) But in the meantime, he’d already focused on bigger game…

…the rest of the bag, which, just after this shot was taken, he knocked over, thus causing me to holler, chase him around the apartment some, and then clean the hell up. Scaring the crap out of poor Emily in the process, of course.

…yeah, that’s my cats.

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