a day in the life (mostly cat pictures)

i’ve been working on my display stuff lately • it’s needed it • touching up & toughening up & generally a lot of painting

also in this case i wanted to make nice dividers to hold the massage oils & body sprays, cos that’ll make things better

& then layers of clearcoat until no matter what i drop it on it’ll still look awesome

anyways there was that but also, there were cats

Hades (Guest Cat in Residence) found a box

he said ‘I am stays right here, it is comfy’ & what he’s laying on is coiled-up rope, so he probably actually is

Major Tom (can’t call him feral any more!) has been sneezing a LOT so i’ve been giving him allergy meds

it’s easier getting pills into him than it is with like half the cats _in_ the house • but that doesn’t mean he was pleased with me right afterwards, either

fortunately his attention span is brief

i mean look how feral this guy is

gonna take my hand off any minute now

he _did_ growl at me for rubbing his belly • after a couple minutes anyway

then we held paws

seriously, this cat

also there was weather

or maybe not, this is New Mexico after all

(there was crackBOOOOOOOOOM later but i was done painting by then so it was fine)

(the boxes came out looking really great too)

(& Major Tom is sneezing much less today)



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guess what I GOT LOOT

so there was a THING in the MAIL

(okay i knew it was coming cos my friend alatefeline asked if they could send me Stuff)

(i always like Stuff)

such awesome Stuff!

pretty beads that are blue & white & greeny & silver

plus a BROWN PAPER PACKAGE TIED UP IN STRING (my favourite thing) (yes, everything including the string & the brown paper will get used)

that had COOL ROCKS & an ORIGAMI SWAN & some cool wire things in shapes that i will make things out of & plastic bits that are purple & green, i think the green thing came from a computer

(the yellow stuff is wax, they used it to hold things in place so the Stuff wouldn’t rattle, yes even that’s gonna get used)

SO MUCH COOL THING. thank you alatefeline!

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05/31 — Grand Outlandish

so before we could even leave for the event we hadda do something about the trailer, because it was in Pitlike Condition

there were shelfbits not being used so we Did a Thing

photo by Beth Brillante, Valkyre Productions

it is all organizey, i like that

photo by Beth Brillante, Valkyre Productions

the shelves sort of bent on the way to the event but didn’t actually fall over til we had it unloaded, so hey, that was pretty good

the site is very pretty & has TREES i like that part

photo by Dharma Fuller

also an obelisk, which, okay, i guess it’s an al-Barran thing

photo by Christian Brillante

this dude got a list-legal rattan banjo & also some twinkies, because THAT was perfect

(if this is a reference you do not get, you might enjoy watching Zombieland, it is low-scary & low-gross as zombie movies go)

photo by Kate Reña

i found a tiny moth

photo by Kate Reña

also there were of course cats, here is Obligatory Boys Snuggling On Bed Pic

photo by Christian Brillante

Minion with Cat

photo by Christian Brillante

Other Minion, with Other Cat

photo by Dharma Fuller

Other Other Minion, with Stubborn Stake & Most Excellent Expression ZOMG

photo by Dharma Fuller

admittedly the thing WAS pretty stuck

photo by Dharma Fuller

eventually we got the thing out (& by ‘we’ i mean ‘the minions’) & we finished packing & went home

as it turns out having minions means that at the end of the event, i am tired? but not entirely exhausted?

also that i am achy? but not in agony?


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04-26 — Grand Canyon (again)

Of course we went to the Grand Canyon, it’s the Grand Canyon.

The boy was as impressed as usual, which is to say ‘big hole in the ground I can’t even poop in, whatevs’.

He did, however, have an opinion about the elk. & that opinion was NO.

He also had some thoughts on the wind, & being held when he didn’t want to be _in_ said wind.

Did I mention elk, though?

They were RIGHT THERE.

Also, elk butt.

Fine, mom, I’ll look at the big hole in the ground.

…it’s worth looking at.

Mom! Done now!


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04/18 — Estrella, again

I was hoping to do a really great Estrella post with lost of pictures, but apparently I mostly got pictures of the boys.

Boys sleeping in the van on the way there:

Boys sleeping in the tent:

Here, though, is a picture of an Excellent Dogger:

The boys sleeping on the van one cold night (yes, Chocolate is curled into an arch shape & sleeping on his face):

Also they spent a lot of time sleeping in the booth:

First thing up, last thing down:




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11/23 — exquisite paradox


“All through autumn we hear a double voice: one says everything is ripe; the other says everything is dying. The paradox is exquisite.” — Gretel Ehrlich

orange leaves, red crabapples
rust & ruin
harvest & plenty
fall alike to the cold ground
forgotten, abandoned
to crumble to nothing,

or perhaps to sit
to feed birds
& squirrels,
to sink into the earth,
fecund, ripe,
crumbled leaves to nourish the seeds
perhaps next spring
a new tree will grow

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10/25 — gutierrez-milne open space

a couple weeks ago i had the sort of night’s ‘sleep’ that • well, there was sleeping, it was just REALLY CRAPPY sleeping • you know the type • anyway i knew i hadda shake it off somehow, so i went looking & found a lovely open space nearby

it’s called gutierrez-milne open space & it is very lovely • it really just is a hunk of open space, though, not so much as a picnic table • which is kinda fine, once i figured it out, all i need is a trail


& my boy


& i’m good to go


there were a lot of cool rocks


also lichen


the shadows on this rock were really cool, i watched them move in the breeze for a while


the cholla were … blooming? fruiting? BRIGHT, anyway


here is a neat texture on this cut stump


the boy was pretty cooperative about walking with me but sometimes he’s just gotta strike off the trail a lil

& inevitably get tangled over THERE


but there was also flopping in the shade to be done



so much to smell, see, walk over, flop on • it was a good walk • we’ll be going back



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09/21 — Battlemoor!

so last year at Battlemoor • i had a plan • or at least an idea • a thought • it was this:

that at Battlemoor this year i would NOT SET UP THE BOOTH

i would sleep in

fart around


remember what it’s like just … being in the SCA

so this year at Battlemoor

that’s what i did

it meant that i had time to stop & just … look at things

Battlemoor really has a gorgeous site.



Dharma & i camped in the trees, with the Shire of Aarquelle

(of course Dharma came along

neither of us had had an event off, like, ever

it was RIDICULOUSLY awesome)


(also camping there meant we didn’t blow away

which is a lot of my issue with Battlemoor

the blowing away

is slightly ridiculous

though it does make the banners look pretty epic)

2016-09-05 01.23.08

there was rain

so there were mushrooms

i was fond of this one


of course cats


(that’s not Loiosh!

it’s Ginger

he & Loiosh are

orange leashcat boothcat besties

it’s sort of awesome)

oh hello i remember you!






HEY what’d’ya FIND that’s my FOOD


the two of them together are EVEN MORE HILARIOUS than the boy is on his own

i LOVE it when they get a chance to hang out

(Ginger’s momma makes gorgeous pottery

you can see some of it here

also here’s the little vase i got from her this year

with flowers in it

of course)


i didn’t get any pictures of Chocolate

but you can pretty much put in any pic i’ve taken

of him sleeping crankily on the van bed

that’s basically what he did

have a pic of the boy in a tree instead


also there were dogs

so many dogs

also a goat but i didn’t get a picture of the goat


anyway dogs



also the only picture i got all war

where it looks like a war

& not a day at the park or whatevs

here’s a lovely viking wedge

wedged into the trees


pretty hard to blow away there

i will happily camp with Aarquelle all of the times, ever

they are good people

it was a lovely war

let’s do it again

this is my plan

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09/13 — one, well, one leaves

been pretty quiet here lately • course there’s a reason • turns out there was Unnecessary Excitement • & i kinda abruptly hadda move

when one’s roommates say • ‘we’re not gonna kick you out • but it’d be great if you left’ • one, well, one leaves


so i did, but i’m pretty okay with that • cos i got to move to the East Mountains in New Mexico • & let me tell you it is fkn gorgeous here

the sky looks like this, a lot


but during monsoon season it does this


also there are flowers like this





the boys are settling in quite happily





me, too




there’s room for my ingredients & workspace in my room • it’s very nice to have a space that’s all mine • where i can work & play in light & spaciousness • i’m still getting things arranged • taking my sweet time • & getting it all just right

i have the suspicion • & this is a weird thought to me • but • i might be here • for a while?

i don’t know what that’s like • but i kinda want to find out



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07/14 — sandia mountains (twice)

having ensconced ourselves quite comfortably at Dharma’s place • Loiosh & i went on two separate abventures to the Sandias • only one of them involved a ridiculous dirt road

but there was a lovely mountain stream • y’all know how i feel about those • kinda worth it

2016-06-15 18.04.18

of course i stuck my feet in, also a lot of the rest of me

2016-06-15 18.06.00

Loiosh was not so thrilled alas • well, he had reason • MOM IT IS KIND OF WET • A LOT WET

lots of water

have a lil mountain stream soundtrack

& then back down the hill (fortunately on a nice smooth paved road) • he usually doesn’t like the wind so much • but he really enjoyed the ride • & the view

van window

back up the nice paved road several days later • & even higher • up to Sandia Crest itself • a decent altitude • just a lil over 10,000 feet

the boy enjoyed the view

great king

so did i, i mean holy crap

2016-06-25 14.39.31

lookit that

2016-06-25 14.39.08

there was a nice trail through the woods, the boy & i had a good wander • he took his sweet time of course

wander wander wander sniff sniff wander wander sniff sniff sniff #thevagabondtabby

A video posted by kate (@thevagabondtabby) on

lots of flowers • (i especially like the one with the ladybug)

2016-06-25 14.56.42

2016-06-25 14.51.27

2016-06-25 14.46.44

the trail got a lil exciting at times…

2016-06-25 15.04.30

…after which the boy had to take a lil break under a nice shady bench.


he did sort of wear himself out with all the wandering

2016-06-25 14.53.03

grand cat

(so did i)

done now!

2016-06-25 14.38.40

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