01/30 – One Great Big Tomcat

So I know I’ve mentioned Major Tom before but hey, guess what? Our not-really-feral-any-more tomcat is learning to become not only a proper housecat, but also a leashcat!

So we knew whenever we moved we’d be bringing him along. Of course! He’s our sweet tomcat & we love him.

But when we got a place in town, yeah, we were a little worried. So we thought, well, let’s bring him along, get him snipped, & see if we can talk him into living inside.

… turns out the answer to that is ‘yes’.

Dharma found him waiting at the back door on a trip up to the old place to pick up (yet more) Stuff, & he came inside quite willingly, & was easily tricked into a (hugetastic) cat carrier. He sang the Song of his People the whole way down to the new place, but he wasn’t _mad_, just sort of freaked out.

The new place has a shed out back that we call the cottage, since it comes with a sink & toilet & gas heater & is, more or less, actually a very small house. So that’s where we put him, so he’d have a space of his own & also so we could easily clean up any, err, attempts he made to claim the place. With his butt.

Which he didn’t do. What he _did_ do was purr, give us Very Enthusiastic headbonks, & knead. Also sleep a lot & eat everything in sight.

He was SO HAPPY that we had brought him along. SO HAPPY.

(here you can imagine a montage of Major Tom learning about litterboxes, eating a LOT of treats, napping VERY extensively, learning to wear a harness, & being fairly freaked out by dry leaves)

ANYWAY we slowly got him used to the idea of a harness, & then to the idea of being in the house, & then since it was getting very cold at night we brought him inside to a room we’re not using yet, & then we finally got him FIXED, & once the testosterone had washed out of his system he stopped spraying, & now he’s a house cat.

(This was all a LOT more fraught than it sounds.)

So now he’s a housecat. Which means he’s learned that laying on carpet is WAY nicer than laying on dirt.

& then that laying on a couch is WAY nicer than laying on a carpet.

He’s also learning to play, which I don’t have any pictures of cos I’m usually laughing too hard, cos he’s ADORABLE.

But he’ll still do the leash thing! & he still wants to go outside. So a week or two back I took him out to wander around while I was taking jewelry pictures.

He went back & visited his cottage again.

& then he played Mighty Jungle Hunter.

Which led pretty inevitably into rolling in dry leaves, which he LOVES doing.


& then he followed me back inside, quite happily, because as it turns out, he’s a housecat.

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The zoo! (only with no critters)

I mean yes, the zoo _has_ critters, I just didn’t take any pictures of them, because I forgot to get out my phone, & anyways it was all the aquarium & Rowan got plenty of pictures.

But then we wandered around the gardens & they were BEAUTIFUL.

They have a dragon who ACTUALLY SHOOTS SMOKE. (okay, steam.)


(& is also waving hi.)

We didn’t even go through this gate but I hadda get a picture, it’s SO beautiful. I’m going back WAY more often.

I think if you duck around the corner in the right spot you wind up in Fairyland.

Also there is a train. I love trains.

The wrought-iron fence (to keep the fae out of Albuquerque, I guess?) are ornate & perfect.

It was just a really lovely day.

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This cat.

…y’all. This cat.

(Yeah, this is Hades.)

(Also starring: his tongue.)

(Also also: he put himself there.)

(This cat.)

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leashcats r us

You are correct in your perception that this is not Loiosh.

Cos there’s Loiosh, right there.

Also, you’re right, that’s not Chocolate.

Cos this cat is way too fuzzy too be Chocolate.

That’s cos it’s Hades. We’re watching him for friends for a while, & he is the Most Mellow cat, so I thought, well, let’s see how this goes.

Turns out it’s going pretty well.

This was Hades’ first trip up into the woods. He wasn’t real sure about this stuff at first, but his buddy Loiosh thinks it’s just fine, so it must be okay.

(Seriously, every time we take him out, he watches Loiosh, & when he decides Loiosh is okay with it, well, it’s obviously okay.)

So there was a lot of climbing on rocks…

(okay, also under them)

some hunkering on rocks

also generally some farting around. Like a lot of cats, it turns out, Hades will pretty happily follow along behind when I’m walking, especially along a trail. We ran into a couple other people, who happily handed out pettings. So Hades had a fun time on his first trip into the woods.

Also I found a cool bug.

Loiosh got to pose.

& there was a rock with fossils!

& of course the traditional loot photo.

Hades had a great time, so there’ll be more of this. It’s possible — not sure yet, but it’s possible — he’ll even be at Battlemoor.

Here’s hoping.


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take one oldmancat, subtract teeth

Most of em, anyway. The ones that were left. All eight of em.

(okay this picture isn’t really related but he did fall asleep sitting up over his food bowl, pretty adorably)

a small black cat, sitting up but with head drooping & eyes closed, over a bowl of food

His teeth had been bothering him for, well, probably longer than I knew about, but I admit I didn’t do anything about it for a LONG time, cos I knew it’d require full anesthesia, & well. He’s NINETEEN. That’s a little terrifying.

But I finally worked up my courage (& the money, a not inconsiderable sum) & made the appointment. He went in a week & some ago for a pre-op checkup, during which the vet asked me three times if I was sure about his age. Also he climbed up on her shoulder & flopped there, quite comfortably, which made me feel a little less terrified about the whole thing.

(also not related, but warm oldmancat flopped on warm laundries, definitely adorable)

a small black cat, flopped quite comfortably in a pile of many-coloured laundry

& then Monday morning he went in for the Great Detoothing. They asked me to leave a phone number, which I did, but also I told them I was staying there until he was done, which surprised them. I’m not sure why. I mean, I was going to do anything other than worry? I might as well worry there.

There was occasional oldmancat shouting from in back, & eventually the vet came out to tell us that he was doing fine & they’d cleaned three of his teeth & the other five were, indeed, going to have to come out. I nodded, slightly relieved.

Some time later she returned to say that the teeth were out, he was recovering fine, & he just needed to sleep it off, but the worst was over. At which point I decided it was safe to go home, & slept for four hours straight until it was time to pick him up.

…see, I hadn’t slept the night _before_, due partly to worrying, but mostly to the fact that I couldn’t feed him after 9pm, which gave him reason to shout. The whole. Night. Long.

Anyway, sleep. Followed by driving down to pick him up. Followed by climbing back into bed with him, at least once I’d removed his very stylish IV bandage.

A small black cat with a red bandage (very stylish indeed) wrapped around his foreleg. He looks less than thrilled.

They even used his signature red!

He was very happy to be home & expressed this by very deliberately flopping where he could rest various parts of him on various parts of me.

A small black cat, eyes closed, chin resting on the hand of a white person. The cat is quite vigorously asleep.

Also, there was eating. In a clearly-less-ow sort of way.

This time he's awake, & his face is firmly in the food bowl.

But mostly, there was flopping. & in fact, we really didn’t get up til the next morning.

Still vigorously asleep, this time with a forepaw stretched out, holding firmly to the hand, which likely belongs to the same white person.

I mean who’d want to get up when there’s an oldmancat wanting to hold paws?

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shoes, & accidental crossroads offerings

so like two months back i finally got a new pair of keens

keens are, like, my FAVOURITES, they’re basically the only shoes i wear • except for sometimes flipflops around the yard & snow boots if the snow’s too deep • (yeah, if it’s only an inch or two i’m still wearing sandals, cope)

just in time, my old pair had finally fallen apart • literally, two shoes into four pieces • they lasted SO LONG though • i’d had them since 2012 & they were in fact basically the only shoes i wore for five years straight • did i mention i bought them used? • & yeah five years of being p much my only shoes

the things LAST is what i’m saying

so i’m happily running around in my pretty new PURPLE keens & everything is good • the old pair sort of tucked near the front door • kept not getting round to chucking them • i was cleaning up round the front door one day • carried them over to the trash can • couldn’t do it

i finally realized • they’d served me so well • i had to do a Thing for them

so i dug a hole & gave them an honourable burial

San-San helped, or possibly halped

i piled rocks over them to make a caern

& of course i did this all at the crossroads • ofc, that’s only appropriate • right?

this won’t result in accidentally crossroads magic, right? • right?

(it might result in accidentally crossroads magic)


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a day in the life (mostly cat pictures)

i’ve been working on my display stuff lately • it’s needed it • touching up & toughening up & generally a lot of painting

also in this case i wanted to make nice dividers to hold the massage oils & body sprays, cos that’ll make things better

& then layers of clearcoat until no matter what i drop it on it’ll still look awesome

anyways there was that but also, there were cats

Hades (Guest Cat in Residence) found a box

he said ‘I am stays right here, it is comfy’ & what he’s laying on is coiled-up rope, so he probably actually is

Major Tom (can’t call him feral any more!) has been sneezing a LOT so i’ve been giving him allergy meds

it’s easier getting pills into him than it is with like half the cats _in_ the house • but that doesn’t mean he was pleased with me right afterwards, either

fortunately his attention span is brief

i mean look how feral this guy is

gonna take my hand off any minute now

he _did_ growl at me for rubbing his belly • after a couple minutes anyway

then we held paws

seriously, this cat

also there was weather

or maybe not, this is New Mexico after all

(there was crackBOOOOOOOOOM later but i was done painting by then so it was fine)

(the boxes came out looking really great too)

(& Major Tom is sneezing much less today)



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guess what I GOT LOOT

so there was a THING in the MAIL

(okay i knew it was coming cos my friend alatefeline asked if they could send me Stuff)

(i always like Stuff)

such awesome Stuff!

pretty beads that are blue & white & greeny & silver

plus a BROWN PAPER PACKAGE TIED UP IN STRING (my favourite thing) (yes, everything including the string & the brown paper will get used)

that had COOL ROCKS & an ORIGAMI SWAN & some cool wire things in shapes that i will make things out of & plastic bits that are purple & green, i think the green thing came from a computer

(the yellow stuff is wax, they used it to hold things in place so the Stuff wouldn’t rattle, yes even that’s gonna get used)

SO MUCH COOL THING. thank you alatefeline!

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05/31 — Grand Outlandish

so before we could even leave for the event we hadda do something about the trailer, because it was in Pitlike Condition

there were shelfbits not being used so we Did a Thing

photo by Beth Brillante, Valkyre Productions

it is all organizey, i like that

photo by Beth Brillante, Valkyre Productions

the shelves sort of bent on the way to the event but didn’t actually fall over til we had it unloaded, so hey, that was pretty good

the site is very pretty & has TREES i like that part

photo by Dharma Fuller

also an obelisk, which, okay, i guess it’s an al-Barran thing

photo by Christian Brillante

this dude got a list-legal rattan banjo & also some twinkies, because THAT was perfect

(if this is a reference you do not get, you might enjoy watching Zombieland, it is low-scary & low-gross as zombie movies go)

photo by Kate Reña

i found a tiny moth

photo by Kate Reña

also there were of course cats, here is Obligatory Boys Snuggling On Bed Pic

photo by Christian Brillante

Minion with Cat

photo by Christian Brillante

Other Minion, with Other Cat

photo by Dharma Fuller

Other Other Minion, with Stubborn Stake & Most Excellent Expression ZOMG

photo by Dharma Fuller

admittedly the thing WAS pretty stuck

photo by Dharma Fuller

eventually we got the thing out (& by ‘we’ i mean ‘the minions’) & we finished packing & went home

as it turns out having minions means that at the end of the event, i am tired? but not entirely exhausted?

also that i am achy? but not in agony?


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04-26 — Grand Canyon (again)

Of course we went to the Grand Canyon, it’s the Grand Canyon.

The boy was as impressed as usual, which is to say ‘big hole in the ground I can’t even poop in, whatevs’.

He did, however, have an opinion about the elk. & that opinion was NO.

He also had some thoughts on the wind, & being held when he didn’t want to be _in_ said wind.

Did I mention elk, though?

They were RIGHT THERE.

Also, elk butt.

Fine, mom, I’ll look at the big hole in the ground.

…it’s worth looking at.

Mom! Done now!


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