6/12 — Caer Galen Enduro

Loiosh and I had a pretty awesome time at Enduro. I love the site, the event itself is always a lot of fun, and being back in Caer Galen was a wonderful feeling. It felt like my first event back at the Ukrainian Homestead in Eisental — home.

I guess I have several of those. I’m okay with that.

The current booth setup:


That’s dad’s old box on the left. The bench on the right will be replaced with another box once I’ve got the red paint stripped off and have it put back together, but the bench works for now.

The purple tablecloths look AWESOME. They’re just uncut lengths right now — I wanted to see how they’d look with the rest — but I’m VERY happy with them, so I’ll be trimming them to the length I want, rounding the corners, and hemming them. I’m pretty glad I decided not to do the complicated fitted tablecloth I was originally planning. It’ll still look really good.


Course there was some excitement. I totally forgot my tent poles. I had the back side of the tent staked in before I remembered. And then there was cussing.


It worked out, though. I strung a rope between to convenient trees, borrowed a couple of perimeter poles from friends, and, well, it wasn’t pretty, but it stayed up.


This pleases me — his name is Merriwether, and he’s another of Loiosh’s godchildren! His Momma met Loiosh when he was little, and when she got Merri, she decided to give the leash thing a try. He’s three years old and doing pretty well with it.


This was only his second SCA event, though, and he was a little freaked out by all the excitement. He did really well, though, and he and Loiosh got along okay once the requisite hissing was over.


And yes, that’s him sprawled across Loiosh’s favourite suitcase. In fairness, Loiosh was laying on Merri’s favourite bed in his Momma’s booth at the time. We decided they were performing ‘synchronized ignoring’.


I didn’t get any pictures of court, or people fighting, or people in awesome garb, or anything like that, because my brain. But have a shot of the drifts of hail I drove past on the way home:


None of that came down on me. Which I’m really, really okay with. The ride home was exciting enough as it was, with downpours and high winds and the occasional tornado warning. Needless to say unloading had to wait til later in the week, because no.

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