7/08 — Caer Galen Defender

Kind of a short post this time, mostly cos my ipad batteries got eaten by a map app I downloaded so I didn’t get a lot of pictures.

But it’ll do. Caer Galen is one of my home groups and I do always have a wonderful time there. Plus I made a zillion bucks. Plus there was napping.

(Actually I didn’t get any naps at all, but here’s Loiosh and his Unca Grellan having a lovely one the afternoon of the 4th.)


The ride up Thursday was…cranky. There was traffic, which was gonna happen, but which annoyed me anyway. 70 west was a complete mess — I decided to take 6 up instead, which was a very good idea, but still slow. Usually my mood gets better as I go up hill, but it didn’t work as well this time, and the rather rocky (and car-scrapey) last section of road did NOT help.

My car’s okay (as far as I can tell) but I know one person who snapped a strut (apparently this makes a VERY frightening sound) and another who got two flat tires. So, yeah. Kind’ve a problem.

Once I got on site (and vented at poor Carrick, for which my apologies) things started to get better. The merchants got basically the best spot we possibly could have, right where everyone went past several times a day. Getting my table to sit flat was somewhat of a challenge (there was basically no flat ground at all) but I managed it. And I got a couple sales almost right away.

The flower fairies visited my booth on Saturday.

They also borrowed Loiosh several times, with the result that he spent most of his time actually with me asleep or nearly so.

I did take him for rambles in the woods every morning, though, and he caught a mouse Friday morning.

(This, I will admit, is part of why I’ve started sleeping in my car instead of in my tent, another being that it’s just too bloody small once I’ve got my table set up in it.)

There were well-deserved awards, excellent meals, occasional rainshowers, very cold nights, both shenanigans and chicanery, and general awesomeness. By Sunday I was quite ready to go home, though, and I’m glad to report that it’s been about 24 hours and I have everything unpacked and refrotzed and now all I need is about a solid days’ sleep (and a week’s worth of production) and I’ll be good to go again.

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