9/11 — Back from Battlemoor!

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Hi everyone! It’s me, Loiosh!

Momma and Chocolate and I just got back from Battlemoor and Momma’s really tired so she asked me to write the newsletter this week. She says if I do a good job I might get to do it more often cos she’s been really bad about getting to the newsletter anyways, so I hope I do okay.

Battlemoor was fun! I got to see a WHOLE lot of people and eat some really tasty food and Momma even got us a new tent for sleeping in so I can have my harness off at night and so my brother Chocolate could come along.

Chocolate’s way older than me (he’s 16 which is ANCIENT) and he usually stays home, but our roommates were coming to the event too (at least the two-leggers were; all their cats stayed home) and Momma didn’t want to leave him alone so long. He was kinda scared at first but I told him it was okay and he got brave and asplored some when it wasn’t too hot.

He doesn’t like it when it’s rainy or windy though and it was REALLY windy on Sunday, and he got REALLY scared and got out of his harness! I wasn’t there or I’d’ve told him you don’t do that but Momma’s friend Nicole (well, she’s my friend TOO) found him where he was hiding and put a blanket over the stroller so then he wasn’t so scared.

So it was pretty exciting! We left early cos of all the wind and I guess I don’t mind that, but now I’m bored again and Momma says there isn’t another event for TWO WHOLE WEEKS. I guess I’d better nap a lot until then.

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