shoes, & accidental crossroads offerings

so like two months back i finally got a new pair of keens

keens are, like, my FAVOURITES, they’re basically the only shoes i wear • except for sometimes flipflops around the yard & snow boots if the snow’s too deep • (yeah, if it’s only an inch or two i’m still wearing sandals, cope)

just in time, my old pair had finally fallen apart • literally, two shoes into four pieces • they lasted SO LONG though • i’d had them since 2012 & they were in fact basically the only shoes i wore for five years straight • did i mention i bought them used? • & yeah five years of being p much my only shoes

the things LAST is what i’m saying

so i’m happily running around in my pretty new PURPLE keens & everything is good • the old pair sort of tucked near the front door • kept not getting round to chucking them • i was cleaning up round the front door one day • carried them over to the trash can • couldn’t do it

i finally realized • they’d served me so well • i had to do a Thing for them

so i dug a hole & gave them an honourable burial

San-San helped, or possibly halped

i piled rocks over them to make a caern

& of course i did this all at the crossroads • ofc, that’s only appropriate • right?

this won’t result in accidentally crossroads magic, right? • right?

(it might result in accidentally crossroads magic)


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