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The Vagabond Tabby, Founder and VP of MarketingI’m a wicked girl saving myself, an outlaw flying alone in the Black, a pirate and a good man. An herbalist, a shewolf, a catmommy and a friend to dogs. At the root of it all I’m Kate.

It’s been a long road from when I started Om Shanti Handcrafts — yes, that’s what it was — back in 2008 in Colorado to where I am now. I sold handmade jewelry along with the stuff for your skin, my labels were a rainbow of colours, and my only online presence was an Etsy shop. These days? It’s The Vagabond Tabby, I’ve got this beautiful website, I’ve long since given up on the jewelry, and I’m in Colorado…for the moment.

Some things haven’t changed. I still do what I do because I love it. I love making my products. I love experimenting with new scents, new blends, new ingredients. I love taking baths and calling it market research (though alas, I can’t claim my hot water bills with the IRS).

On The Road

But I’ve still got a long road. And I mean that pretty literally. My goal is to take The Vagabond Tabby on the road — not just the weekend travelling-to-events that I do now, but full time, living in an RV or a converted bus, bringing my cats, my entire business, and everything I own along with me. Truly a vagabond.

There are a lot of reasons for it, but at the root of it, I’ve got itchy feet. No one place can hold me for long before I’m ready for the next. So why not go with it, and, well, go?

So every penny I don’t have to spend on ingredients (or cat food) is going into the RV Fund. That’s what you’re supporting when you buy your soap from me — my dreams to live on the road.

Crap Free. Guaranteed.

I use only natural ingredients. Most fragrance oils make me sneeze, and most of the ones that don’t make me sneeze just don’t smell good to me. So it’s essential oils, herbs, and a few natural flavourings. Nothing artificial.

Nothing I can’t pronounce, either, and nothing I know can be harmful, even if it’s technically ‘natural’. And I test everything on myself before it even gets put into a jar.

Not Just the Ingredients…

My containers are mostly glass, and all of them are recyclable. I use recycled packing material to ship, and I reuse boxes to ship when I have the right size available. I’m doing what I can for the Earth; it’s still the only place we have to live.

Vice President of Marketing?

That’s Loiosh up there in the picture with me. Think the title’s a joke? Can you think of anything that’ll pack ‘em in the booth better than a friendly cat on a leash?

He’s been camping with me all over the country. He’s been invited to two weddings with me…so far. Currently he’s in the basement, hunting crickets. He has his own Facebook page, cos I’m kinda of a dork doting Momma.

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