A project

I haven’t done a project log in aaaaaages…partly because I haven’t blogged in ages, but that’s just what life has been like and more about that later.

I was expecting that late spring and early summer would be event after event, just like last year. This…has not been the case. There are fewer events to go to than usual (I blame the economy), I haven’t wanted to stray far from home (my car is getting pretty iffy), and on top of everything else I had two events in a row cancelled out from under me. One of them being a pretty big one, over Memorial Day weekend.

So there I was, all caught up on production, everything else under control, all ready for the big event…and instead I had four days all to myself, with nothing hanging fire on the todo list.

I’ll admit I thought about just taking the damn weekend off and doing a whole lot of napping. (I did, in fact, take a couple of naps; they’re rarely a bad idea.) But I’ve a whole long list of changes and upgrades I’d like to make to my booth, and I thought, well, unexpected time, let’s do this.

So I did.

(You can click on any of the pics to see the bigger version.)

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