7/31 — Fighters Folly

Fighter’s Folly was a small, first-year event at a new site — in other words, not a lot of people showed up. Those of us who did had a really good time, though.

I could have taken I25 up to Castle Rock and then driven uphill, but you know me by now, right? So instead I took 24 up to Woodland Park and turned right on CO67.

I drove through a whole lot of this. I think it’s from the Hayman Fire back in 2002, but I could be wrong.


What I didn’t know is that 67 turns into a dirt road for part of the way. Which is fine — it’s a nice dirt road — but where I come from, ‘roads big enough to have route numbers’ and ‘roads small enough to be dirt’ are a non-overlapping Venn diagram. It really is one of the things I love about the West, though.

I got to site, got told there might be bears around, ignored this as it’s true everywhere in the mountains, set up, got told that there was definitely a bear on site and he kept trying to eat their archery targets, grumbled a lot, and tore back down. But I did get a shot of the sun through the trees.


I also got told I shouldn’t be walking in the woods alone, by a guy who was far more likely to be a danger than anything else while I was walking through the woods alone. I don’t think he has any idea why I was so eager to turn down his ‘help’, even after I told him that I am, actually, a grownup and perfectly capable of making my own decisions about what I should and shouldn’t do.

This made me really, really angry, but Loiosh is a good distraction. Also great at guarding my cashbox.


One of the big things at this event was the archery — quite understandably, since it’s an archery club when we’re not there. I didn’t get a chance to see more than a little of the shooting, but what I saw looked like a lot of fun.

Also, when you have to walk half the site to get to all the targets, a wagon is a lovely thing to have.


Extra-specially when you’re also carrying a baby. (Tobias is almost a year old already, holy crap, when do these things happen!?)


The other merchant on site had nommy foods! Alas, I had brought enough hummus to get me through and didn’t bring in enough that I felt okay spending some of it on dinner. Alas!


This is Miss Foxy Lady, who I had custody of while her Momma was off shooting arrows at things. She was very polite to Loiosh, who was awfully confused by this. Also, she had some separation anxiety, which I relieved by careful application of her Momma’s leftover fries.


She is a beautiful girl! Also sneaky. As in ‘stole and ate the entire bag of Beggin’ Strips’ sneaky.

Who, me?


Later that evening I saw a wild turkey come strolling out of the bushes, followed by quite a lot more wild turkeys, some of which were TINY FUZZY BABY WILD TURKEYS OMG SO CUUUUUTE and then I started squeeing and couldn’t get any more pictures.




There were also oak threes, except they were sort of oak bushes, which I think is called ‘scrub oak’ and is kinda cool compared to your standard tall, grand oak tree.


Sunday didn’t quite go as planned. Fortunately I had all my stuff in the car by then. Plus my ipad so I could read some Digger until the precipitation stopped.




MAYBE I COULD HAVE SOME FOOD I LIKE FOOD (says he who got steak for dinner Saturday night…)


And then my ipad batteries ran out so I couldn’t get any pictures of the spectacular drive home, the end.

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