3/27/15 — Estrella War, or, In Which Our Hero Spends the Whole Week in Their Booth

One of these years I’ll get more pictures of one of the big wars I get to. I swear. Promise.

…probably not.

I start with the traditional Here Is What My Booth Looks Like shot. I made it colourfuller! And put more things in it!

2015-02-25 13.38.56

One of the new things in my booth is Evocations from October’s Market. My friend Melissa has a HORRIBLE job (like, I wanna punch her boss on a regular basis, and I live halfway across the country) and these are her first steps towards having a job that don’t suck. I think they’re pretty good steps.

2015-02-25 13.39.19

Loiosh got to hang out with his buddy Ginger! Andrea of Alta Cruz was just a couple booths down from me, so the boys got to spend a lot of time together. There was a lot of wrasslin, but I was always laughing too hard to get pictures of that part. Here’s a quieter moment.

2015-02-26 10.01.37

My boys napped a lot. Chocolate has gotten to the point where he purely does not give a crap about anything, as long as he’s got his Momma and a warm place to sleep. Look how he’s flopped — a long way from the event a couple years ago where he spent his days hunkered in the stroller (except when one of his old friends came by to visit).

2015-02-26 13.04.45

The traditional ‘this was my view all week’ shot. I did get to wander most of Merchant’s Row, in fits and starts, mostly on the way to the booth and back in the mornings and evenings.

2015-02-27 11.47.46

Estrella sunset over someone’s royal encampment, late in the war. I love the pageantry.

2015-02-27 18.26.24

…and the sense of humour.

2015-03-02 08.32.07

Like Brigadoon, like all SCA wars, Estrella must, in the end, fade into the mist for another year.

…or at least into the cloud cover, which made packing up a lot more pleasant than the Arizona sun woulda been.

2015-03-02 08.35.28

2015-03-02 08.35.36

Until next year!

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