3/25/15 — In which Our Hero takes a Little Hike

I got lucky — it was the perfect day for a gorgeous hike, and I got done in plenty of time to get some time on the road to my next stopping point, too. This one’s mostly just gonna be pictures.

The cliff is massive and imposing, and hard to miss. Which is a really good thing, because…

2015-02-16 11.24.48

…the reason it’s a Thing is the pool of clean, fresh water that’s there all year. It’s not a spring — it fills every year during the rainy season, and (so far, at least) the water lasts all year. Given that it’s the only reliable source of water for a good twenty miles either way, that’s kind’ve important.

2015-02-16 11.35.57

The cliffs above the pool, striped from where the water runs down.

2015-02-16 11.39.12

2015-02-16 11.45.39

2015-02-16 11.45.49

Of course, where there is water, there are humans. And wherever we go, we gotta leave our mark.


2015-02-16 11.47.45

The prow.

2015-02-16 12.11.44

2015-02-16 12.15.42

…and then the laborious climb up to the top of the cliff, which they say is an elevation gain of 200 feet, but I’m pretty sure it’s a couple thousand.

I had cool woven fences to occupy my brain, though.

2015-02-16 12.21.32

And a neato tree.

2015-02-16 12.24.37

A surprise once I reached the top — a canyon inside! I wanna go climb that pillar of rock in the middle. Next time?

2015-02-16 12.30.00

2015-02-16 12.33.08

The trail and steps are WPA work, pecked out by hand along the entire clifftop.

2015-02-16 12.41.14

And last, Atsinna Pueblo, built on top of the mesa by the Puebloans round about 1275. Water, building materials, defensibility: what more could one want?

2015-02-16 12.51.33

2015-02-16 12.51.56

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