12/31 — 2014, or at least some pictures of it

2014 overview

I’m not going to do a complete 2014 review, because who’s got the time? I mean, I could, but I’ve got all this 2015 barreling down on me and I got stuff to do.

So about the first thing I did in 2014 was move across the country again, because it’d been more than two YEARS and we can’t be having with this. It’s lovely being back in Colorado.


I immediately set about making myself at home. (Okay, I didn’t actually make the bed tent until like November, but it’s a pretty picture.)

2014-11-20 19.04.06

I made my booth all spiffy and went to a bazillion zillion events.


Then I figured out how to do double batches of ALL THE THINGS because I sort of needed to after all those events.


double batches

Then I used all the money I made to buy a ridiculous van!


Then I went to California and took both of my boys with me.



…it was kind’ve gorgeous and I want to do it again.



Then it was Christmas and I shipped a zillion of everything to everywhere.

2014-12-12 11.57.04

With festive duct tape, because I am a SCAdian.

2014-12-05 14.07.11

And now it’s almost 2015, the end.

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