08/04 — Fighter’s Folly

After almost a month off the road due to Exciting Brain Stuff (also why I haven’t been posting), I return, triumphant, or at least semi-functional. Ish.

It was nice to get back on the road, if only for a long weekend.

2015-07-17 12.44.49

Loiosh was pretty happy about it, too.

2015-07-18 11.09.57

I finally have a booth layout that works with the stuff I have, and I’m pretty happy with it. I took a bunch of pictures so I have a record, but I’ll spare you most of them. Here’s a few though.

2015-07-18 11.11.22

2015-07-18 11.11.33

2015-07-18 11.10.21

With two tables, I can’t close up the front of the booth, but so far that hasn’t been an issue. I’m working on getting proper canvas walls done to close it up when necessary, but one step at a time. (Sometimes half a step.)

Chocolate was pretty okay with being out, too, except for when it rained and water came into the booth and I had to MOVE his BED MOM WHAT ARE YOU THINKING.

…here’s a quieter moment.

2015-07-18 11.11.48

I also finished a proper display for the Evocations I get from October’s Market. I’m pretty pleased with it. I hope the Market likes it as well.

2015-07-18 11.17.05

2015-07-18 11.59.27

2015-07-18 13.13.57

2015-07-18 12.42.47

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  1. Looks very airy and cool. Miss not seeing you lately, but happy to see you posting again. Give a hug to yourself and the boys. Brun and Jpeg say hello!

    Peace and hugs,


    Gina Krause on 6 Aug 2015, 10:38 am (Link | Reply)

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