07/12 — drivin south

y’all may know i recently spent a couple weeks in new mexico • here’s about the drive down tho • took two days to do it • because why not?

Loiosh of course was eager to go MOM LET’S GO • he’s not subtle • (‘s part of why we get along so well)

lets go

the old man did a bit of hollering & then flopped

sleepy oldmancat

there were pretty awesome flowers along the way • with the coolest stink bug i ever saw

bright flower

i found us the bestest spot along a stream • i do love being able to sit & listen to the sound of running water

2016-06-10 16.26.30

& stick my feet in it • so nice & cool

2016-06-10 16.33.20

also it did a good job of cooling drinks

2016-06-10 16.28.45

plus i found treasure • more of that steel wire i’ve been making into jewelry • it’s free & also i get to help clean up the world a lil • so yeah that’ll do

2016-06-10 16.34.30

the boy had lovely wanderings

nice forest

this forest is good, mom, i approve

patunk patunk patunk patunk patunk #thevagabondtabby #cat #cats #catsofig #catsonleashes #catsofinstagram

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flowers, cool rocks, plants, treasure

tiny mosses

2016-06-10 16.36.21


2016-06-10 16.31.48

tree sign

towards evening i built a fire • it had been so long • SO LONG • then i just • i sat, & breathed, & watched the flames • it was • it was good • SO GOOD

primal campfire

*long, deep breath*



morning & time to go • but i took a lil time to make treasure • & left it for someone to find • i hope they love it • i love doing this

give giveaway

& then south

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